Marian went shopping and bought clothes for $76.17 and books for $44.98. she then had a meal at the mall for $19.15. which is the best estimate of the total cost of her shopping trip?

a. $130
b. $120
c. $150
d. $140


x = 17

step-by-step explanation:

in the given figure, two triangles are inscribed in a circle where ∠bae ≅ ∠dae which makes the side be and de equal so we can write it as:

3x - 24 = x + 10

solving this equation for x to get:

3x - x = 10 + 24

2x = 34

x = 34/2

x = 17

therefore, the value of x = 17.

In circle a, bae dae. what is the value of x?

the correct answer to your question is a. 4^4

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D. $140.

Step-by-step explanation:


Cost of clothes = $76.17

Cost of books = $44.98

Cost of meal = $19.15

We need to find the best estimate of total cost of her shopping trip.


First we will find the total cost of her shopping trip.

total cost of her shopping trip is equal to sum of Cost of clothes, Cost of books and Cost of meal.

framing in equation form we get;

total cost of her shopping trip = 76.17+44.98+19.15 = \$140.3

Now we can say that;

140.3 is close to 140

Hence Best estimate of total cost of shopping trip is $140.

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