Let f(x)=16-x^2 , g(x)=4-x find (fr)(x) and it’s domain


it has to have an angle of 90 degrees

the answer would be d

straight away you can eliminate a and c because not all books contain a scientific skill because some may be fiction. c is also wrong because it saids that the only way children can learn is through books which is incorrect.

b is also wrong because reading can be a scientific skill but not always, therefore it is wrong which leaves you with d, the correct answer since it said that it can children learn.

hope this ! : 3

for a it would be 24 children.

for b i don't understand the question. is it saying for each individual person they pick 5 reds to 7 greens or is it the whole group. clarify and i hope this can you.

step-by-step explanation:

Im so sorry im asking for too much .. i barely understand math!

i dont know sorry

step-by-step explanation:

Do you know the answer?

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