What does 15/8 mean in the story



step-by-step explanation:

every triangle measures a total of 120 degrees. you have to find angle c. we know that isosceles triangles angles are equal. 60 degrees plus 60 degrees gives you 120.

a^b=\underbrace{a\cdot a\cdot \ldots \cdot a}_{b}

a - base

b - exponent

8^3=\underbrace{8\cdot 8 \cdot 8}_{3}


the base is 8the exponent is 3the exponent tells you to multiply 8 together three timesthe expanded form is 8*8*8


Step-by-step explanation:

We know if we try to divide 15 with 8 we would have to give away 1.875, if that isn't what you mean please let me know and I will make sure to solve it!

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