Two cars are 190 miles apart and travel toward each other along the same road. they meet in 2 hours. one car travels 5 miles per hour faster than the other car. what is the average speed of each car?



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just put √(2) * √(32) into a calculator. that will make the answer be 8.

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The speed of slower car is 45 mph and faster car is 50 mph.

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Distance covered by both cars = 190 miles

Time taken by both of them = 2 hours


x be the speed of slower car.

Speed of faster car = x+5

Combined speed = x+x+5 = 2x+5

We know that;

Distance = Speed * Time


Dividing both sides by 4


Speed of slower car = 45 miles per hour

Speed of faster car = 45+5 = 50 miles per hour

The speed of slower car is 45 mph and faster car is 50 mph.

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