The triangles shown are similar. what is the value of x?


The answer is 11 so c will be your answer
The answer is 10 because you do x/5 (x over 5) =(pick another match, I chose 3 and 6) 3/6 (3 over 6). Then, cross multiply and divide.
If the triangles are similar they're the same triangle and one is just bigger than the other. You can learn from the bottom side that the triangle is bigger by 4× because 12/3=4, so just multiple 5 by 4 (because side x and 5 are the same) and get 20. So the answer is A
Fifth teen 15

x = 30

Step-by-step explanation:

Since the triangles are similar then the ratios of corresponding sides are equal, thus

scale factor (k) = \frac{24}{4} = \frac{18}{3} = 6

hence x = 6 × 5 = 30

Step-by-step explanation:


15, because 3 goes into 9, 3 times and, 4 goes into 12, 3 times therefore x has to follow this rule because these 2 triangles are similar and because it already gives you 5 just take 5*3=15 there is your answer enjoy!=)

Incomplete Question the complete question with the figure is below

The triangles shown are similar.

What is the value of x?  

A.  12

B. 15

C. 20  

D. 13

The correct option is B. 15

Therefore the value of x is

x=15\ unit

Step-by-step explanation:


AB = 5

BC = 3

AC = 4

PQ = x

QR = 9

RP  = 12


To Find:

x = ?


ΔABC ~ ΔPQR       .................Given

If two triangles are similar then their sides are in proportion.  

\dfrac{AB}{PQ} =\dfrac{BC}{QR}=\dfrac{AC}{PR} \textrm{corresponding sides of similar triangles are in proportion}\\  

Substituting the values we get

\dfrac{5}{x} =\dfrac{3}{9}\\\\x=\dfrac{45}{3}=15\ unit

Therefore the value of x is

x=15\ unit

The triangles shown are similar. what is the value of x?

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