Find the sum of these polynomials.
(х2 +х+ 9) + (7х2 + 5) =
а. 7х2+x+ 14

ос. 8х2 +х+4
od. 8х2+x+ 14


the correct option is 2.

step-by-step explanation:

according to the given information triangle abc is a right angle triangle with right angle at a. segment ab is 5 and segment ac is 7. point d is on segment bc and angles adb and adc are right angles.

it is given that triangles abd, cad, and cba are similar.

two triangles are similar if their corresponding sides are proportional.

in triangle cba, using pythagoras theorem


ab^2+ac^2=x^2                       )

triangle abd and cba are similar,


ab^2=bc\cdot bd

25=bc\cdot bd                             (2)

triangle cad and cba are similar,


ac^2=bc\cdot dc

7\times 7=bc\cdot dc

49=bc\cdot dc                       )

using (1), (2) and (3), we get



hence proved.

therefore option 2 is correct.

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step-by-step explanation:

\text{The sum of given polynomials is } 8x^2+x+14


Given given expression to calculate is:

(x^2+x+9) + (7x^2+5)

We have to add both the polynomials

Addition of two polynomials involves combining like terms present in the two polynomials

We have to add like terms

Like terms means "the terms having same variable and same exponent"

And we have to add the constants

\rightarrow (x^2+x+9) + (7x^2+5)\\\\\text{Remove the parenthesis and simplify }\\\\\rightarrow x^2 + x + 9 + 7x^2 + 5\\\\\text{Combine the like terms }\\\\\rightarrow x^2 + 7x^2 + x + 9 + 5\\\\\text{Add the coefficients of like terms }\\\\\rightarrow 8x^2 + x + 9 + 5\\\\\text{Add the constants 9 and 5 }\\\\\rightarrow 8x^2 + x + 14

Thus the polynomials are added

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