60% of a sum of money is $120.00.
calculate 40% of the same sum of
money? ​


In word (story) problems, the word "of" usually means multiply.


We may write 60% or 60/100 or 0.60 as needed   (similar for 40%).


Let x = the sum of money



 "60% of a sum money is $120"    means

    (60/100)*x             =  $120



    (60/100)*x = $120

         x = $200              [multiply both sides by (100/60)]


Translate again:

 "Calculate 40%of the same sum of money"   means


              $80- ANSWER

I like (60/100) and (40/100), you might want to do again using 0.60 and 0.40.

If 60% is $120, then by diving both the percent and the balance by 3, we se that 20% is $40.

Now multiply the 20% and $40 by 2, and you see 40% is $80.

$ 80

Step-by-step explanation:

60% of a sum of money is 120

let x represent the sum of money

turn ur percent to a decimal

0.60x = 120

x = 120/0.60

x = 200 this is the sum of money

so 40% of 200 = 0.40(200) = $ 80 <

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