Astudent earned grades of upper aa​, upper dd​, upper aa​, upper cc​, and upper bb. those courses had the corresponding numbers of credit hours 44​, 22​, 22​, 33​, and 11. the grading system assigns quality points to letter grades as​ follows: aequals=​4; bequals=​3; cequals=​2; dequals=​1; fequals=0. compute the grade point average​ (gpa) as a weighted mean and round the result with two decimal places. if the​ dean's list requires a gpa of 3.00 or​ greater, did this student make the​ dean's list? the grade point average is nothing. ​(round to two decimal places as​ needed.) did this student make the​ dean's list? a. yes because at least two of the student grades are b or above b. no because the students gpa is not 4.0 c. nono because the student has at least one grade lessless than 3 d. nono because the​ student's gpa is lessless than 3.0


x = -4

step-by-step explanation:

- 20 - 4(x + 3) = 4x

=> -20 - 4x - 12 = 4x

=> - 32 -4x = 4x

=> -32 = 4x + 4x

=> - 32 = 8x

=> -32/8 = x

=> -4 = x


step-by-step explanation: i just don't

The grade point average is 2.92The student didn't make the​ Dean's list because the​ student's GPA is less than 3.0

Step-by-step explanation:

I take the grades as A,D,A,C,B not AA​,DD​,AA​,CC​,BB.I take numbers of credit hours as 4,2,2,3,1 not as 44​, 22​, 22​, 33​, and 11.

Since quality points to letter grades are A=​4; B=​3; C=​2; D=​1; F=0, weighted mean is the sum of the qulity points times corresponding credit hours divided by the total credit hours:

\frac{(4*4) + (1*2) + (4*2) + (2*3) + (3*1)}{12} ≈ 2.92

Since 2.92<3.0, the student is not in Dean's list.

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