Megan and paul drove 24 hours to visit friends and damuly, for every 1 hour paul drove, megan drove 2 hours. use bars below to shoe two possible ways megan and paul could have shared driving time


then say something, tell them they won’t respect you if you don’t even have respect for your self sweetheart you need to lay it on them, all of it : )

they disappear if your absent from brainly to long. i found out that the hard way.

step-by-step explanation:

brainliest lol i just need one more brainliest.

4pounds of live bait and 1 pound of natural bait
Where is the table?

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1/16Step-by-step explanation:if you take 4 *16 it equals 64. You multiply the 4 by 1/4 and 16 by 1/4 and you get 1 and 4 as side lengths, you divided 64 by 4 and you get 16. Theref...Read More
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