Kenny is buying a new outfit. the equation 8.25s + 15.75j can be used to represent the amount of money he spends at the store. here, s and j represent shirts and jean how much is each shirt worth


the answer would be c:   ax + b = ax + c

step-by-step explanation:

Yes you do, so £1973.09 - £1473.50 = £499.59 so tim overpaid £499.59 .hope this ; )
31 is prime. and it’s prime factorization is just 31.

the answer is d

step-by-step explanation:



  -3         -3  


Which of the following equations is equivalent to y+3=-4(x-2)?

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Answer to your question: a. the fundamental theorem of algebra tells you that the equation will have two complex roots since the degree of the polynomial is 2. the roots are ​ x=1...Read More
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d. 8step-by-step explanation: the given radical expression is: [tex]\sqrt{16}\times \sqrt{4}[/tex]we can rewrite this as: [tex](16)^{\frac{1}{2}\times (4)^{\frac{1}{2}[/tex]we expr...Read More
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start with a line segment pq that we will copy. mark a point r that will be one endpoint of the new line segment. set the compasses' point on the point p of the line segment to be...Read More
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