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data were collected and showed an increase in ice cream sales as the weather gets warmer.

which of the following best describes this situation?

based on the data, this is an example of correlation.
based on the data, this is an example of causation.
based on the data, this is not an example of causation or correlation.


All are correct you

To be honest, I would say the best answer is the fact that flies move so you can't be sure if you counted a fruit fly or not. If this is a test i am sorry if you get it wrong, if its homework this is what I would've put.

The answers are options D and C.


In part A, we can see that people can choose to make the best of bad situations, since Malik is hurt but he really wants to swim. Just before the last part of the competition started, Malik had realized that he wouldn't be able to compete. This is why he accepts that he cannot race and offers support and encouragement to Sean, who is not as fast as Malik but had trained consistently. Also, this idea supports option A, since Malik's decision of stepping down from his last race gave the team a real chance to win.

Part A Devotion can lead people to act foolishly.

Part B Malik attempts to hide the true extent of his injury from his teammates so they aren't distracted.


Thats what I would put I hope it helps you.

not A i just took the test

Step-by-step explanation:

lack of accuracy


first question is lack of accuracy .

Dana measured the mass of 20 soil samples for a gardening study. After measuring the first 10, she realized she had forgotten to zero the balance. She did that and then measured the other 10 samples. -

ANSWER-Human error

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A) Based on the data, this is an example of correlation and causation.

Step-by-step explanation:

Correlation: As the weather gets warmer, more people are inclined to buy ice cream.

Causation: Because of the warmer weather, more people are inclined to buy ice cream.

 B: Based on the data, this is an example of correlation.

Step-by-step explanation:

It's the correct answer because there somewhat related and as the ice cream trucks get more sales the weather gets warmer. They both have a positive increase.

i believe it is an example of correlation

Step-by-step explanation:

as the warmer it gets ice cream sales increase. so it is a positive correlation

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