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The function f is exponential

Consecutive quotients are constant

The function g is linear

Consecutive differences are constant


A simile is a comparison between two different things using like or as. In this the Air Force is being compared to eagles using the word like.

An understatement is a statement about the quality or condition of something that is actually less than it actually is. For example, "That car could use a day with the mechanic." In actuality, the car is so destroyed it probably needs to be considered a total loss and go to the junkyard. Rhetoric is persuasive speaking or writing. A hyperbole is an over exaggeration.

no because it caused many Americans to not trust him and the government

they didn't forgive him because  the crime that he committed was to much for any one to forgive and they still do not trust him they see him as a criminal

its the second one

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If any of your questions were math related, its probably because people like me avoid answering them because math is hard bro.

Does this count as answering one?


answer: no but your but ant that big nice photo shop though but it needs work

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do you have a

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 D.) x = 16

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Given: The dimensions of the computer screen are modeled by the equation :


To find the value of x , we need to solve the equation.

Now, the above equation can be written as :

x^2+x^2+16-8x=400\\\\\Rightarrow\ 2x^2-8x+16=400\\\\\Rightarrow2x^2-8x+384=0\\\\\Rightarrow\ 2(x^2-4x+192)=0\\\\\Rightarrow\ x^2-4x+192=0\\\\\Rightarrow(x-16)(x+12)=0\\\\\Rightarrow\ x=16\ or\ x=-12

Since side cannot be negative therefore, x= 16


sure! what kind?

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