Two cars got an oil change at the same auto shop. the shop charges customers for each quart of oil plus a flat fee for labor. the oil change for one car required 5 quarts of oil and cost $24.80. the oil change for the other car required 7 quarts of oil and cost $29.30. how much is the labor fee and how much is each quart of oil?



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answer: options?

step-by-step explanation:

The labor fee is $13.55 and each quart of oil is $2.25

Step-by-step explanation:


x be the amount of each quart of oil

y be the amount of labor fee

According to given statement;

5x+y=24.80        Eqn 1

7x+y=29.30        Eqn 2

Subtracting Eqn 1 from Eqn 2


Dividing both sides by 2


Putting x=2.25 in Eqn 1


The labor fee is $13.55 and each quart of oil is $2.25

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