)on a video-sharing website, a member can vote for a video by giving it either a thumbs up
or a thumbs down. the website assigns +1 point for a thumbs up and -1 point for a
thumbs down.
) a video has 25 thumbs up. what integer represents its score in points?


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step-by-step explanation: so we look at the formula un = a + (n-1)d

un is the amount of seats

n is the nth term aka row number

a is the original sequence/row number

d is the difference between each term

so in this a=22 d=6 and n can remain as n because we are simply formjng a rule

lets put these in the equation


this is your answer to part a


lets double check that this is correct, we'll try putting it into the second term





as the question said the second row has 28 seats so now we know the formula we made is correct.

as for part b


its asking us to find a row with 100 seats.

remember un was the amount of seata so all we do is substitute this in.

un=100 a=22 d=6



so now we simplify to find n which is the row number.







so now we know that in the 14th row there is 100 seats.

hope this and that you understood! its my first time using the app or anyone out on here : p its also me to revise so a bunch! ask more questions if you dont understand ☺


step-by-step explanation:

12 + 5 = 17



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