There are 16 animals in the barn. some are chickens and some are horses. there are 48 legs in total. how many of each animal are there?


x -

median = 1.25

range = 12-14.5

interquartile = q12-q14.5

y -

median = 1

range = 15-17

interquartile = q15-q17

(me 30 pts: s.o.s asap) the data modeled by the box plots represent the battery life of two differ

for the first question it would be the second answer for the second question it would be the third answer and for the third question it would be the first answer

step-by-step explanation:

Good evening ,

8 chickens8 horses

Step-by-step explanation:

let c = the number of chickens

let h = the number of horses

You have to solve this system

h + c = 16

4h + 2c = 48

h + c = 16 ⇒ h = 16 - c

If we substitute h=16-c in the second equation we will get :

4(16-c)+ 2c = 48

Then 64 - 4c + 2c = 48

Then 2c = 64 - 48 = 16

Then c = 8

Since h = 16 - c then h = 16 - 8 = 8


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