The table represents a function. a 2-column table with 4 rows. the first column is labeled x with entries negative 5, negative 1, 6, 9. the second column is labeled f of x with entries 4, 0, negative 1, negative 3. what is the value of f(–1)?


The answer is: 0


Let's imagine we have two sets of values. In math, function is an equation, or, better said, a relation that connects values from sets in a manner that one value from one set corresponds to only one value from the other. Values from the first set are referred to as "x" while the values from other set are "f(x)". So, for each x there is only one f(x). Here, we have two sets of numbers and since they are organized in a table, for each number in a square of a column there is a corresponding number in the next column.  

x:                     f(x):

-5        =>               4

-1         =>                0

6       =>              -1

9        =>               -3

That means that if x=-5, f(-5)=4. Similarly, if x=-1, f(-1)=0.

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