Solve the following equation for b. 6b + 2a – 4 = 2b + 3a




Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1: Add -2b to both sides.



Step 2: Add -2a to both sides.



Step 3: Add 4 to both sides.



Step 4: Divide both sides by 4.

4b/4 = a+4/4


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Solve the equation for b, so you need to isolate/get "b" by itself on one side of the equation.

[you can solve this different ways]

6b + 2a - 4 = 2b + 3a    First subtract 2b on both sides

4b + 2a - 4 = 3a         Next subtract 2a on both sides

4b - 4 = a           Then add 4 on both sides

4b = a + 4         Finally divide 4 on both sides

b = \frac{1}{4}a+1

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