Check all the statements that are true.

a. the lines coincide.
b. the system has no solution.
c. the slopes are equal.
d. the y-intercepts are equal.
e. the system has an infinite number of solutions.


Period is the time it takes for one “cycle” to complete. in the parent sine function, period is 2*pi since sin(0) = 0, sin(pi/2) = 1, sin(pi) = 0, sin(3pi/2) = -1, and sin(2pi) = 0. at that point, the sequence repeats itself. i’m not sure if your graph is similar to the sine function since you didn’t provide a picture, but you can find the period by looking at a graph.

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answer: the answer is simply nothing.

step-by-step explanation: because there is no ending to this question

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its a straight line parallel to the time axis

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