The patels have a dvd collection. three-eighth of dvds are animated. two-eighths of them are mysteries. one-eighth are comedies. the rest are about to travel what fraction of dvds are not about to travel



step-by-step explanation:

Is the following relation a function? o yes ο νο

g = (2, 2)

step-by-step explanation:

given the ratio is 1 : 1 then f is the midpoint of eg

let the coordinates of g = (x, y)

using the midpoint formula

\frac{1}{2} (0 + x) = 1 ( multiply both sides by 2 )

0 + x = 2 ⇒ x = 2


\frac{1}{2} (4 + y) = 3 ( multiply both sides by 2 )

4 + y = 6 ( subtract 4 from both sides )

y = 2

coordinates of g = (2, 2)

6(2x + 5y)6 (2x) = 12x6 (5y) = 30y12x + 30y

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