What is 98.36 rounded to the nearest tenth


The 6 is in the thousandth place so you round with that being the last number
since we have a 55 after the 6, we round up
so we get


Step-by-step explanation: In this problem, we're asked to round 98.36 to the nearest tenth. The tenths place is 1 place to the right of the decimal point so the digit in the rounding place is 3.

Next, look at the digit to the right of the rounding place which in this case is 6. Since the digit to the right of the rounding place, 6, is greater than or equal to 5, we round up. This means that we add 1 to the digit in the rounding place so 3 becomes 4 and we change all digits to the right of the rounding place to 0.

So 98.36 rounds up to 98.40 or just 98.4 since we can drop zeroes at the end of a decimal point.

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