What is the ratio 10 to 65 written as a fraction in lowest terms?


13/20 (Answer C)

Step-by-step explanation:

Starting with 65%, write that as the fraction 65/100.  Then reduce this result.  Dividing numerator and denominator by 5, we get 13/20 (Answer C).

65/100 or 13/20, divide top and bottom by 5 to get second answer
65/100 = 13/20
(divide by 5 on both sides)
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65% is the same as 0.65 in decimal form. From here, we can convert to a fraction and we get  \frac{13}{20}
65% divided by 100% = 0.65

0.65 is 65/100

65/100 in simplest form is 13/20

  65 is divided by 5 to arrive at 13
100 is divided by 5 to arrive at 20

13/20 is the simplest form of 65% because both numbers, 13 and 20, no longer have a common factor left.
also 0.65 in decimal form
10:65 is 2/13 in lowest twems
10/65 / 5/5 = 2/13
0.65 is 65/100, because if you say it properly, it's actually sixty-five hundreths which is 65/100. Now we need to simplify, the numerator and the denominator all ends in 0 or 5, so the HCF or the GCF is 5. 65/5=13 100/5=20 so the answer is 13/20  


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