Six months ago aiden purchased stock in a toy company.
he paid $15 per share.
aiden just sold his shares at a price of $22 per share.

what percentage return did aiden make on this stock?


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question 1 answer: p/q can be terminating when q = 5^m * 2^n

question 2 answer: -1 and -1

question 3 answer: -4

question 4 answer: 5/12

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the 8 in 8,420 is in the thousands place so it's value is 8 thousand.

the 8 in 6,870 is in the hundreds place so it's value is 8 hundred.

divide 8000 by 800 to find the answer:

8000 / 800 = 10

the 8 in 8,420 is 10 times greater than the 8 in 6,870





step-by-step explanation:

from this example, we can see that subtracting with integers is the same as adding the opposite. we can solve using a number line or by using the saying "keep, change, change" to us solve. it is important to remember that we can subtract a negative and end up with a larger number than we started with.


step-by-step explanation:

What is the graph of the rational function? y = x ^2 - 4x + 3 / x ^2 - 9

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