Most investors in the stock market are trying to buy a stock at a
and sell it later at
a) high price: higher price
b) low price: lower price
c) high price; lower price
d) low price: higher price



step-by-step explanation:

  about 5.6 days

step-by-step explanation:

we can fill the given information into the decay equation and solve for the value of t at which half the sample remains.

\dfrac{11}{2} =11e^{-0.1247t} \qquad\text{decay equation with values filled in}\\\\\dfrac{1}{2}=e^{-0.1247t} \qquad\text{divide by 11}\\\\-\ln{(2)}=-0.1247t \qquad\text{take the natural log}\\\\\dfrac{\ln{(2)}}{0.1247}=t\approx 5.559\approx 5.6\qquad\text{divide by -0.1247}

the half-life is about 5.6 days.


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