The two cylinders are similar find the surface area of the smaller cylinder round your answer to the nearest hundredth
a 942.48 cm?
b. 376.99 cm
c 565 49 cm
d 226.19 cm


Two similar cylinders have proportional dimensions:


Then cm.

d is the diameter of the second cylinder base, then r=d/2=3 cm.

The surface area of the smaller cylinder consists of the area of two bases and area of the lateral face:


Since r=3 cm and h=9 cm, you have


Step-by-step explanation:

To first tackle this question, use similarity ratio, where the missing diameter is d. 10/15 = d/9 which can be simplified into d = 6. Then use the surface formula  

2πrh + 2πr². Then, since the radius is 0.5d, the radius or r is 3. Then, plus in values and simplify to get 226.19cm².

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