Jesse graph one of the lines in a system of equations y= 3x -2 is the system has an infinite number of solutions which statements are true? check all that apply.
a. any point in the coordinate plane is a solution because it has an infinite number of solutions.
b. point (1,1) is a solution because it is one of the points on the line already graft.
c. it is impossible to tell if (-1,-5) is a solution without seeing the other line graphed.
d. point (20,58) is a solution because it results in a true statement when the point values are substituted into the equation of the line.
e. when the other one in the system is graphed it will share all points with the line already graphed.


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well if you round, things become much more simple. round 5.95 to 6, 4.25 to 4, and 1.05 to 1. now, add 6+4+1 and that would equal 11. so the items together would equal to about $11.

Bwould be the answer
Dennie’s drew the line of best fit on the scatter plot below what is the approximate equation of thi

d 25 pi/6

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the diameter is 10 inches

the radius is 1/2 of the diameter or 5 inches

the area of the circle is

a = pi r^2

  = pi 5^2

  = 25 pi

the slice is 60 degrees of the entire circle.

60 degrees out of 360   60/360 = 1/6

the area of the slice is 1/6 of the circle

a slice = 1/6 a circle

a slice = 1/6 * 25 pi

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the first one

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If the diameter is 8 than the radius is 4 because 2r or 2*radius equals the diameter. 4*2=8. 8/2=4....Read More
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