If a + b = -1a+b=−1a, plus, b, equals, minus, 1 and x + y + z = 2x+y+z=2x, plus, y, plus, z, equals, 2, what is 7a + 7b + 6z + 6x + 6y7a+7b+6z+6x+6y7, a, plus, 7, b, plus, 6, z, plus, 6, x, plus, 6, y?


6xy and -16xy000000000

arithmetic sequence

step-by-step explanation:

given that a sequence has terms as

19, 15, 11,

this is represented on a graph

the pattern indicates that the sequence is an arithmetic sequence with i term

a=19 and common difference d =-4

any general term

a_{n}=a+(n-1)d\\   =19-5(n-1)\\=24-5n

thus the sequence is reduced by 4 for each successive term starting from 1 and nth term is


first negative term would start after 5th term

5th term =24-25< 0

from 5th term onwards the sequence would be negative.


Step-by-step explanation:




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