Abottle contains 20 fluid ounces of lotion and sells for$5.80. the 20 fluid ounce bottle contains 125% of the lotion in the next smallest size, which sells for $5.12. which is the better buy? explain


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step-by-step explanation:

conditional probability is defined as:

p(a|b) = p(a∩b) / p(b)

in other words, the probability that a occurs, given that b has occurred = the probability that both a and b occur / the probability that b occurs.

in this example:

p(turns 64 | turns 44) = p(turns 64 & turns 44) / p(turns 44).

if someone turns 64, they must have already turned 44, so:

p(turns 64 | turns 44) = p(turns 64) / p(turns 44)

on page 42, we see that of the original 100,000, 94944 turn 44, and 81234 turn 64.   therefore:

p(turns 64 | turns 44) = 81234 / 94944

p(turns 64 | turns 44) = 0.85560

step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:

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