There are 8 fish tanks in the pet shop. they just received an order of 216 goldfish. the owner of the pet shop wants each tank to have the same number of fish. how many goldfish will each rank have in it?


w\geq 14

the smallest possible measurement of the width is 14 feet

step-by-step explanation:

let's assume length of parallelogram is 'l'

width of parallelogram is 'w'

the perimeter of a parallelogram must be no less than 40 feet

so, we get

2l+2w\geq 40

we are given

length of parallelogram is 6 feet



we can plug it

2\times 6+2w\geq 40

now, we can solve for w

12+2w\geq 40

subtract both sides by 12

12+2w-12\geq 40-12

2w\geq 28

divide both sides by 2

and we get

w\geq 14


the smallest possible measurement of the width is 14 feet

Yes, two vertical lines can be complementary

Each tank would have 27 gold fish in it.

Step-by-step explanation:


Number of fish tanks = 8

Number of gold fish = 216

We need to find the number of goldfish in each tank.


Now we know that;

Number of gold fish must be equal in each tank.

To find the number of gold fish in each tank we will divide Number of gold fish by Number of fish tanks.

framing in equation form we get;

number of gold fish in each fish tank = \frac{216}{8} = 27 \ fish

Hence Each tank would have 27 gold fish in it.

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