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I believe the correct answer from the choices listed above is the first option. A student is looking at a Paramecium sp. using a compound light microscope. She turns the iris diaphragm to adjust the brightness by controlling the amount of light beaming through the image. Hope this answers the question.

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D - Americans’ fascination with the bicycle influenced the rapid growth that occurred in the publication industry.


The statistic that in 1894, there were now over 50 cycling publications in the US whereas just 18 years earlier there had been none, was proof that Americans had taken a keen interest in the cycling industry.

Supply is an indication of demand and with that many Cycling publications in circulation, they could only be surviving if they had the readers to back them up. American fascination with the bicycle had therefore led them to demand more publications which led to the rapid growth that occurred in the publication industry.

(C) Controlling


 The controlling is one of the type of management function which is responsible for organizing, planning and also implementing the various types of important function in an organization.

The controlling is the process that ensure the performance of the standard for achieving the long termed goals in the management.

According to the given question, the controlling is the term which is uses as the feedback for taking the various types of corrective actions on budgets.  

 Therefore, Option (C) is correct answer.

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