Assume the graph of a function of the form y = asin(kx-b)) is given below.
which of the following are possible values for a, k, and b?
o a. a = 2, k = 4, and b =
o b. a = 4, k = 2, and b=
o c. a= 4, k = 2, and b = 1
o d. a = 4, k = 1, and b=-


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i need on these three questions. find standard form equation of line perpendicular to y = (2/3)x - 8 that goes through the point

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step-by-step explanation:

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step-by-step explanation:


we need to find the slope

m = (y2-y1)/ (x2-x1)

    = (2650-795)/(10-3)

    = 1855/7

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we need to find the slope

m = (y2-y1)/ (x2-x1)

we have two points (0,0) and (4,800)

m = (800-0)/(4-0)

  m = 800/4

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Need 45 ! compare the rates at which each of the three students read: which student read at a fa
A5 miles because when you look at the chart count how many times it goes into it i don’t even know wha,t i’m saying anymore mpbut long stor6 short it’s 5 miles
Josie and annie bffs. they looked at a map of their town and saw that each grid box represented 1 mi

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