If r1 , r2 , and r3 represent rotations from dn and f 1 , f 2 , and f 3 represent reflections from dn , determine whether r1 r2 f 1 r3 f 2 f 3 r3 is a rotation or a reflection.


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step-by-step explanation:

it should be a and d. lmk if i'm wrong xd

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It is reflection

Step-by-step explanation:

We know these three rules:

-a rotation followed by a rotation is a rotation

-a reflection followed by a reflection is also a rotation

-a rotation folowed by a reflection is a reflection

So we have: f3r3 is f (reflection)

f2 f is r (reflection)

r3 r is r

f2 r is f

r2 f is f

r1 f is f

So,  r1r2f1r3f2f3r3 is reflection.

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