Every seat that is sold in the auditorium costs 8 dollars. in addition to that, the auditorium makes 300 dollars as a flat rate. if the auditorium made $2772.00 dollars, how many seats were sold?



i hope that is right.

step-by-step explanation:


we have to construct

∠m nt ≅ ∠p qr

the steps to draw this construction are

step 1: use a compass to draw an arc from point q which intersects the side pq at point a and the side qr at point b.

step 2: draw a segment nt and use the same width of the compass to draw an arc from point n which intersects the segment nt at a point x.

step 3:

step 4: join points n and y using a straightedge.

step 3:

option (d).maintaining the same width of the compass as ab, draw an arc from point x such that it intersects the arc drawn from n in a point y.

to draw   congruent angles , 1. width of compasses while drawing two angles should be same i.e from point at which angle has to be drawn, 2.the distance between the two points where the compass intersects the two sides should be same while drawing any two congruent angles.


Step-by-step explanation:

8x + 300 = 2772

subtract 300 from both sides of the equal sign

8x = 2472

divide 8 from both sides of the equal sign

x = 309

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