Arocket is dropping to the moons surface at a constant rate of 15 feet per second. after two minutes of descent the rocket is at a height of 11,400 feet above the moons surface. at what elevation in feet was the rocket when it started to drop to the moons surface?



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Identify the sequence that lists the angles of △xyz in order from smallest to largest. !

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the original amount doesn't ''re just looking for the time it takes for 1/2 of the substance to we have

(1/2) =)     take the ln   of both sides

ln (1/2)   = )   and we can write

ln(1/2) = ) lne     and lne   = 1     so we have

ln(1/2) = -.1092t     divide both sides by -.1092

t = ln(1/2)/-.1092 = about 6.347 days = about 6.3 days (rounded)

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