Aculture started with 2,000 bacteria. after 4
hours, it grevy to 2,600 bacteria. predict hov
many bacteria will be present after 17 hours.
round your ansver to the nearest whole
p = aekt
enter the correct answer.


207/8 is the right

Solve for x i’m having trouble finding out the answer


step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:

the ratio of the perimeters is equal to the scale.

the ratio of the areas is equal to the square of the scale.

34 / 20 = k

a / 19.6 = k²


a / 19.6 = (34 / 20)²

a = 19.6 (34 / 20)²

a ≈ 56.6

These figures are similar. the perimeter and area of one are given. the perimeter of the other is al

answer:   \frac{sin40^{\circ}}{x} = \frac{sin60^{\circ}}{12}

step-by-step explanation:

here x represents the height of the pole,

and, the height of the shadow of the pole is 12 feet.

also, the angle of elevation from the top of the pole is 40°,


by the low of sine,

\frac{sin40^{\circ}}{x} = \frac{sin60^{\circ}}{12}

which is the required equation for finding the value of x,

\frac{x}{sin40^{\circ}}= \frac{12}{sin60^{\circ}}

x= 12\times \frac{sin40^{\circ}}{sin60^{\circ}}

x= 12\times 0.74222719896

x= 8.90672638762\approx 8.967

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