What do barbecue-flavored potato chips cost per ounce?
below are the prices per ounces in cents of the rated chips


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1200 inches = 30 yards12 inches= 1 foot3 feet= 1 yard3feet= 36 inchesyou can set up a proportion then use inverse operations that looks sorry it looks so sloppy lol
1. isolate the variable, in this case, d. subtract 35.5 on both sides of the equation.2. 52 subtracted by 35.5 is 16.53. therefore your answer would be d= 16.5this is the basics of pre algebra, isolating variable through adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, if you have any other questions to ask just comment!

the first question mark is 6 and the second question mark is 26 (the square root)

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Multiply. what is the product (3 * 10°) * (2 x 10") in scientificnotation? plzzz noww​

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answer: 270step-by-step explanation: you have to times 200 by 1.35 to get your answer...Read More
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