Circle all examples of discrete data.
answer choices:
-area of a room
-bananas in a bunch
-parking spaces available


Which is an example of discrete data?

A)number of taxis waiting at the airport

B)volume of water in a glass

C)speed of a boat

D)weight of fish

The number of stuff (counting)

THE DOG HAS 2 BROTHER is the example of discrete data.

The dog has 2 brothers.


Discrete data is the information that can be categorized into a classification. Discrete data is based on counts. only a few finite number of value is possible.

It consists of whole number that are counted rather than measured. It can be classified  into two type, one is discrete and  other is continuous data, where the discrete is countable of the object and the continuous  is measurable one.

The dog has two brother is the example for discrete data because the number can be countable, remaining statement are continuous because they are measurable statement, it is always comes under the data continuous.

The answer is C. The number of shelves in a bookcase

Step-by-step explanation:

The answer is C. number of shelves in a bookcase because discrete data can be counted using whole numbers. Height, width, and weight are continuous concepts that are measured in units and fractions of units.


Step-by-step explanation:

Discrete data is information that we collect that can be counted and that only has a certain number of values. Examples of discrete data include the number of people in a class, test questions answered correctly, and home runs hit. Tables and graphs are two ways to show the discrete data that you collect.

Step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:

C.banans in a bunch

Step-by-step explanation:


A or C but i think its most likely A

Step-by-step explanation:

The number of students in a class

The number of workersin a company


Explanation: Discrete data is Information that can be categorized into a classification. Discrete data is based on counts. Only a finite number of values is possible, and the values cannot be subdivided meaningfully. For example, the number of parts damaged in shipment.

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