Which ordered pair is a viable solution if x represents the
number of books he orders and y represents the total
weight of the books, in ounces?
a) (-3,-18)
b) (-0.5, -3)
c) (0,0)
d) (0.5, 3)


The answer is "(0,0)"

Step-by-step explanation:

In the given some information is missing that is point so, the correct answer to this question can be described as follows:

book Number = x  

overall Book weight = y  

Neither x nor y can be negative. We have to be positive values, then.  

Since x indicates the number of books, that must be a positive integer. It can not be a decimal number or fractional number.  

So the only viable solution from the given options is (0, 0).

A  viable solution is the ordered pair (0,0)

Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

The number of books cannot be a negative number

The number of books is a positive integer

The weight cannot be a negative number


A  viable solution is the ordered pair (0,0)

The only option (0,0) is possible.

Step-by-step explanation:

Here in options four ordered pairs are given and they are (-3,-18), (-0.5,-3), (0,0) and (0.5,3).

Here, the x-values represent the number of books and the y-value represents the total weight of the books, in ounces.

Now, x must be 0 or a positive integer as it is the number of books.

Hence, the only option (0,0) is possible which means that the weight of zero books is zero. (Answer)

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