3 over the quantity 4 times the binomial x plus 2 equals x over the quantity x plus 2


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For the given problem \frac{3}{4(x+2)}=\frac{x}{x+2}where x+2 is  binomial we have the solution is  x=\frac{3}{4}

Step-by-step explanation:

Given problem can be written as below

\frac{3}{4(x+2)}=\frac{x}{x+2} where x+2 is  binomial

Now to solve the given equation:


Multiply the above equation into the factor x+2 on both sides we get

\frac{3}{4(x+2)}\times (x+2)=\frac{x}{x+2}\times (x+2)


Rewritting the above equation


Therefore x=\frac{3}{4}

For the given problem \frac{3}{4(x+2)}=\frac{x}{x+2} where x+2 is  binomial we have the solution is  x=\frac{3}{4}

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