If the image above is rotated about the x-axis, which of the following figures best represents the result?
a. pyramid
ob. rectangular prism
oc. triangular prism


Since a pentagonal based prism is sliced horizontally by a plane parallel to the base. So the figure must be similar to the base of the prism because it was sliced parallel to base. Since it is a pentagonal based prism, then the cross section is also pentagon in shape


It’s the first one I believe
A hexagonal-based prism is sliced horizontally to the base. Which figure best represents the cross-section parallel to the slice? C

The best graphic that represent the growth of the cells is the plot #2


Using flow cytometry, a cell cycle analysis study uses a dye for DNA binding, and it is fluorescently labeled to allow stoichiometry of DNA to bind to DNA content.

During the phases, the DNA content will be:

G0 / G1 phase = 2n (diploid).

Phase S = 2n (duplication of DNA content)

G2 / M phase = 4n (content of tetraploid DNA 4n)

When cells are growing, a mutation will occur in the gene. This would lead to the cell cycle being unlikely to stop due to the checkpoint gene mutation, causing it to be unable to detect any damage. the cell cycle continues normally.

In exercise, cells that were in the G1 phase will reach the S phase. Therefore, the peak of that phase will be increased, and the peak of the G1 phase will decrease. The cells that were in the S phase will go to the G2 / M phase, which will increase the peak.

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Step-by-step explanation:










































it's the second one a rhombus is a diamond


Step-by-step explanation:

if you graph all the points then you get that answer


Step-by-step explanation:

Option D: Neuromuscular junction


This is the site of transmission of chemical signal also known as a chemical synapse between a neuron and a muscle fibre. Most of the time the chemical released which is a neurotransmitter is acetylcholine. When released, it stimulates the release of calcuim ions present in the sarcoplasm: an endoplasm like structure in the muscle fiber that contains calcium ions.

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