1. what is the solution to the system of equations below?
3x-27= 7
- 3x + 5y = 5
a. (3, 1)
b. (0,1)
c. (5, 4)
d. no solution​


y = i/2 xtnop + (3i/2 tnop+ 1)

step-by-step explanation:

the picture is the step by step explanation.

the slope of the line is 60

one point on the line is (40,10)

step-by-step explanation:

in the equation outside the parenthesis the equation always tells you the slope. in this case it is 60.

in the parenthesis is also says 40 which is x because it is near the x and 10 is y because it is near y.

none of the option match the solution

so answer is option d

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