In order for applicants to work for the foreign-service department, they must take a test in the language of the country where they plan to work. the data below shows the relationship between the number of years that applicants have studied a particular language and the grades they received on the proficiency exam. find the standard of estimate, se, given thaty^= 6.91x + 46.26
numbers of years x 3 4 4 5 3 6 2 7 3

grades y 61 68 75 82 73 90 58 93 72

possible answers:






Your answer should be A
I used an online mortgage calculator.

Inputted the following information:
Loan amount: 410,350
loan rate: 6.5%
loan term: 30 years

It gave me the following results:
monthly payment: 2,593.69
annual payment: 31,124.29

31,124.29 * 7 years = 217,870.03 total payment after 7 years.

Based on the Yearly Amortization Table, the remaining balance after the first seven years is $373,327.70

The figure is nearest to Choice A. 371, 023.06
Stefani is purchasing a house and finances $410,350 of the purchasing price. the mortgage is a 30 ye


The price of a bottle of water is $1.50 dollars

If x units are sold, the total cost is 1.50x

We can write the total cost as a function of the unit price.


To graph this function we can choose at least two points.


We now plot these points and use it to draw our graph. See attachment.


At a point on the graph we can determine that, for every 6 amount of salt added, 18 amount of tomatoes is also added.

So the unit rate of the number of tomatoes to the number of salt added is


We express the denominator as one to get the unit rate, so we divide both the numerator and denominator by 3.


Therefore the unit rate of tomatoes to salt is 3:1 or simply 3.


We calculate the rate of relationship B and compare to the rate of the given options,

The graph passes through,




So the rate of this graph is the same as the slope,

Rate\:of\:A=\frac{4-2}{8-4} =\frac{2}{4} =\frac{1}{2}

The rate of B is greater than \frac{1}{2}. So we select all the relationships that has a slope greater than  \frac{1}{2}.

These are;

y=\frac{2}{3}x, y=0.6x and y=\frac{3}{4}x


We again  find the rate of relationship B and compare it to the rates in the given options. We choose any two points from the table and use it to find the rate of B.

Let us use,

(2,25) and (4,50)

Rate\:of\:B=\frac{50-25}{4-2} =\frac{25}{2}=12.5

Since relationship A is greater, we choose all the relationship that has a slope more than 12.5.

These are,

y=13x and y=12.75x


Again we find the rate of printer B and compare it to printer A.

Let us use the points, (3,48) and  (5,80)

Rate\:of\:Printer\:B=\frac{80-48}{5-3} =\frac{32}{2}=16

Hence Printer A prints 14 words per minute, while printer B prints 16 words per minute.

Therefore printer B prints faster than printer A.

8th grade math plz !  bottles of water sell for $1.50 each. graph the relationship between the numbe


Step-by-step explanation:

36 chairs assembled

Step-by-step explanation:

I don't think that the equation you gave, c = h, is accurate based on the graph.  Based off the graph, I will make a different equation.  

c = 8h

c = (8)(4.5)

c = 36

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