Arectangular box is 10 in. ​wide, 10 in. ​tall, and 8 in. long. what is the diameter of the smallest circular opening through which the box will​ fit?


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step-by-step explanation:

Diameter of smallest circular opening = 12.81 in

Step-by-step explanation:


Width of rectangular box(W)=10 in.

Length of rectangular box(L)=8 in.

Height of rectangular box(H)=10 in.

For box to fit in the smallest circular opening we need to find the diagonal of the rectangular box, therefore

diagonal of rectangular box=diameter of smallest circular opening


Diagonal\ (d)=\sqrt{width^{2}+length^{2}  }

d=\sqrt{W^{2} +L^{2} }




d=12.81\ in.

\therefore\ diagonal\ (d)=12.81\ in

Therefore diameter of smallest circular opening = 12.81 in.

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