Which shows this price as a correct unit price? $3.60 for 4 watermelons.


35 is an outlier

step-by-step explanation:

b or 2, just plug these equations into your graphing calculator then check the graph to see the image. if it matches up then that's your answer!

Check image and write the letter of the answer

90 cents

Step-by-step explanation: Unit price means the cost per unit, in this case the cost per watermelon. Since we know that it costs $3.60 for 4 watermelons, to find the cost  for 1 watermelon, we need to divide 4 into $3.60 or 4 into 3.60.

4 divides into 36 9 times and 9 x 4 is 36 so we put 36 and the 36 and subtract. Finally, we bring up the decimal point and put a zero in front of it to get 0.9 which means that each watermelon cost 90 cents.

So the unit price is 90 cents per watermelon.

I attached my long division in the image provided.

Which shows this price as a correct unit price?  $3.60 for 4 watermelons.


Step-by-step explanation:

You are solving for the price of one watermelon (a unit of watermelon).

What is given to you is the price of 4 watermelons, or $3.60. To solve, simply divide $3.60 with 4:

3.60/4 = 0.90

$0.90 is your answer.

Remember to add the hundredth place value (0), as money goes to the hundredth place value.


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