Suppose you just purchased a digital music player and have put 8 tracks on it. after listening to them you decide that you like 4 of the songs. with the random feature on your player, each of the 8 songs is played once in random order. find the probability that among the first two songs played (a) you like both of them. would this be unusual? (b) you like neither of them. (c) you like exactly one of them. (d) redo () if a song can be replayed before all 8 songs are played.


answer: solve 5\cdot 2^x=2405⋅2  


=2405, dot, 2, start superscript, x, end superscript, equals, 240.


to solve for xxx, we must first isolate the exponential part. to do this, divide both sides by 555 as shown below. we do not multiply the 555 and the 222 as this goes against the order of operations!

\begin{aligned} 5\cdot 2^x& =240 2^x& =48 \\ \end{aligned}  










step-by-step explanation:

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step-by-step explanation:

step-by-step explanation:


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