(hurry! ) which expression is equivalent to the following complex fraction?

(hurry! ) which expression is equivalent to the following complex fraction?


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answer: 2/4

step-by-step explanation:

The expression equivalent to the given complex fraction is


Step-by-step explanation:

An easy way to solve the complex fraction is to solve the numerator and denominator separately.


\frac{-2}{x} + \frac{5}{y}\\ = \frac{-2y + 5x}{xy}


\frac{3}{y} + \frac{-2}{x}\\ = \frac{3x - 2y}{xy}

Solving the complex fraction:

[\frac{-2}{x} + \frac{5}{y}] / [\frac{3}{y} + \frac{-2}{x}]\\= [\frac{-2y + 5x}{xy}] / [\frac{3x - 2y}{xy}]

=\frac{-2y + 5x}{xy} * \frac{xy}{3x - 2y}

Common terms in the numerator and denominator cancels each other(Cross multiplication) :

= \frac{-2y + 5x}{3x - 2y}

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