This stem-and-leaf plot represents the heights of the students on ralph's basketball team. one student's height is missing from the plot. if the mean height of all the students on the team is 61 inches, what is the missing height? a. 55 in. b. 59 in. c. 61 in. d. 65 in.


if the angular bisector of an triangle bisects the opposite side, prove that the other two sides are equal.

< xcy ≅ < xby

step-by-step explanation:

in δcax and δbax,

ac ≅ ab (given)< cax ≅ < bax   (given)ax ≅ ax (common side)

so, δcax ≅ δbax (side-angle-side or sas)

since δcax ≅ δbax, we can conclude < acx ≅ < abx

in δacy and δaby,

ac ≅ ab (given)< cay ≅ < bay (since < cax ≅ < bax is given and xy is the extension of line ax)ay ≅ ay (common side)

so, δacy ≅ δaby (side-angle-side or sas)

since δacy ≅ δaby, we can conclude < acy ≅ < aby


< acy ≅ < aby

=> < acx + < xcy ≅ < abx + < xby

=> < acx + < xcy ≅ < acx + < xby   (since < acx ≅ < abx already proved above)

subtracting < acx from both sides, we get

< acx + < xcy -< acx ≅ < acx + < xby -< acx

cancelling out < acx and -< acx from both sides, we get

< xcy ≅ < xby (proved)

Use a paragraph, flow chart, or two-column proof to prove the angle congruency. given: ∠cxy ≅ ∠bxy

answer: 7

step-by-step explanation:

5(2a-5+b). xbox xboxxbx xb

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