Question 13 (1 point) jerome is starting a new job. his contract states he will earn $42,000 the first year, and will get a 4% raise per year. which function s(x) represents jerome's salary after a certain number of years, x?


i think its a and d

step-by-step explanation:

the answer is two. hope this !


Step-by-step explanation:

We have as data

a = $42,000 (salary during the first year)

x = number of years

i = 4% = 0.04 (annual increase interest)

S(x) = Salary based on the years elapsed

"a" and "i" are constant for each year, while "x" increases one each year.

The function S(x) can be calculated like this:


Substituting constant values, we have


Simplifying, we have


Hope this helps!


S(x)=42000 * 1.04^x

Step-by-step explanation:

now = 42000

in 1 year = 42000 *1,04, because 4% increase is to multiply 1,04

in 2 years = 42000 *1,04*1.04 = 42000*1.04^2

in x years = 42000 * 1.04^x

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