Ateacher wants to see if a new unit on taking square roots is students learn. she has five randomly selected students take a pre-test and a post test on the material. the scores are out of 20. has there been improvement? (pre-post) find the standard error.


x = 2

step-by-step explanation:

if sr parallel to ba then the sides bc and ac are in proportion, that is

\frac{sb}{cs} = \frac{ra}{cr} ← substitute values

\frac{4x+1}{2x} = \frac{13.5}{6} ( cross- multiply )

27x = 6(4x + 1)

27x = 24x + 6 ( subtract 24x from both sides )

3x = 6 ( divide both sides by 3 )

x = 2

hi im bob : l

step-by-step explanation:

Ithink it is b and d

answer: it is 1: 47 pm

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