Aline is perpendicular to another line m2= (-1/m1), where m1 is the slope of the original line and m2 is the slope of the perpendicular line. which of the following equations represents the line that passes through the point (-2,1) and is perpendicular to the line below?



- 2(2.1x + 3y - 0.8) =4.2x - 6y +1.6


let a, b, and c be real numbers. the distributive property says that,

a(b + c) =ab + ac

we can extend this to three terms:

a(b + c + d) =ab + ac + ad

the given expression is:

- 2(2.1x + 3y - 0.8)

we apply the distributive property to obtain:

- 2(2.1x + 3y - 0.8) = - 2 \times 2.1x - 2 \times 3y + 2 \times 0.8)

- 2(2.1x + 3y - 0.8) =4.2x - 6y +1.6

-81 -56 -27 0 81

step-by-step explanation:

answer: x=60

Can someone plz answer this for me? whoever answers it first, i will give !


step-by-step explanation:

rulers and compasses arent required in order to bisect an angle because when bisecting angles, you're making a "half circle" and considering in order to bisect an angle it wouldn't be straight, you wouldn't need either of the two

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