Drag each tile to the correct box. not all tiles will be used. arrange the equations in the correct sequence to find the inverse of f(x)=y=3x/8+x



-by-step explanation:

it would be c

Pls only fo the first one i will mark brainliest


step-by-step explanation:

here, the total dishes = 10

dishes having meat = 3 ( chicken, meatloaf and hamburger )

thus, the probability of having meat on the chosen dishes = number of dishes having meat / total dishes


therefore, the probability of not having meat = 1- the probability of having meat on the chosen dishes




⇒ option b is correct.

1. sometimes

2. never true

3. sometimes

step-by-step explanation:

these are pretty self explanatory if you know what supp right and com angles are

3x+9+4x+x=8x+9that's the answer for your question.

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